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ahh spring break [04 Apr 2005|11:16am]
hey yall! omg spring break is gunna b so awesome . dude like me n jen are supposed to hang out the whole week but im not sure if that's gunna work out n-e more bc .. well.. she wants to ditch me to go to maranda's house today. but ya know. that's okay bc brandy invited me over to play twister in the street w/ shaun n ross! heck yes! that's SO much better than hanging out w/ her ..*no offense to you jen if youre reading this* but seriously... it kinda pisses me off. we've been plannin this spring break for like 2 weeks now.. and like we planned for her to stay at my house all week n we would just hang out n crap and go shopping n skatin n to the movies n EVERYTHING. and on friday we would like go to six flags w/ brandy sharee ross n shaun n hang out w/ all of them. but no. jen want's to go to marandas so she can maybe, just MAYBE go to maranda's dad's house to MAYBE just see justin. whatever. im done w/ it. if she wants to give up her trip to six flags w/ me to see a freakin guy. fine. ill just hang out w/ brandy n play twister. ahaha. well i gtg tlk 2 yall later .. xoxox


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hey yall [30 Mar 2005|07:00pm]
hey yall!!
sorry i havent updated .. im busy lol. anyways. but yeah nothin much has been goin on lately. i went to brandy's house friday night..went skating. saw shaun ross n KATELYN MALONE AND LAUREN ROBERTS ahahah that was funny stuff right there!! and i saw meagan gaddis, sharee, and rhiannon .. that's who we hung out with most of the time.. idk i had fun. saturday we went shoppin w/ her mom. we got some flip flops at old navy, then we went over to maurices and looked at 8th grade dance dresses for brandy. then i went home around 5, and went shopping w/ MY mom for stuff for easter. came home n visited w/ my cousins cuz they were over here for easter. um that's about it for saturday. got alot of stuff for easter.. mostly makeup n stuff i had picked out saturday when i was w/ my mom. then we went to my aunts house for dinner. dropped my cousins off after that, then came back home n talked to jen on the phone. monday was alright. dont really remember what happened in reading, or math , or science lol. but we went to chorus .. nothin happened really, asher was n a bad mood. P.E we had to run.. goshhh i HATE run days now! nothing else happened. let's see the only interesting thing that happened tuesday was we got to learn japanese in chorus.. gosh that song is so flippin pimp. umm and today ahahah in science, mrs moore.. no my bad.. DOCTOR moore acted like a bird.. oh man it was HILLARIOUS! she really looked like a bird .. she was tryin to demonstrate somethin but it didnt quite work out. that was THE highlight of the day. shaun wasnt here.. he like screwed up his leg or something at track.. or atleast thats what i heard. idk i havent talked to him. tried to call his house tuesday night after i heard about what happened, but his sister answered and said he was gettin xrays or something. so yeah. but last night i basically talked on the phone n shiz. but n-e ways that's all for now.. tlk to yall later .. xoxo


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today sucked [23 Mar 2005|08:59pm]
hey yall ..
well today pretty much sucks..hmm

i woke up EXTRA early this morning. like 6:20
took a shower .. got ready n all that crap
then about 7:10 my dad took me 2 skewl so i could decorate shaun's locker
got there bout 7:30 r so.. saw libby..
decorated the locker n everything ..
saw shaun come in and walk down the hallway , but he looked sad.
he just looked at his locker and everyone standing around it and kept walkin
i tried to ask him wat was wrong.. he wouldnt listen to me
i thought i did something wrong :(
but i left him alone
was depressed in readin cuz i thought he was mad at me
saw chelsea after pre algebra .. she told me that he WASNT mad at me .. he was havin issues w/ his mom..
apparantley his own mom forgot his bday..that's so sad
when she told me that.. i started gettin tears in my eyes. bc shaun has always been there for me when i needed him to talk to. and i couldnt do anything to help him
finally stopped myself from cryin a lil bit..went to science
ate brownies .. got yelled at by moore n made the class get a speech about "nutritional foods" lol
clark ate brandy's brownie haha
went to P.E
sat around n had a nice chat w/ siara.. she actually listens to my problems.. she's kewl
then went to s/s..
lunch was okay.. still felt a little bad for shaun, but it got better when two girls got in a fight.. o man that was funny stuff
went BACK to s/s.. worked w/ brandy on some activity thingys
then went to language.. had a sub.. gosh i hate her .. she's a flippin biznitch ahah crystal.
came home on the bus.
waited for shaun to get on so i could talk to him.. but he didnt
talked to jennifer on the phone.. then crystal
now im here about to watch AI ..gtg bye bye

XoOx. Christina-LeAnn

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lalalala [22 Mar 2005|05:38pm]
howdy fools:
let's see today was fun

woke up at about 6:45
took a shower.. did my makeup.. and blowdryed my hair
got dressed, then got on the bus
talked to thomas n clint on there
they make fun of me now bc i didnt know where steak came from
then they tried to tell me dorito's came from rats and that you can eat eagles heads and kangaroos..
sadly i believed them for a total of 5 seconds lol
got to school.. saw shaun
ahaha he was wearin a abercrombie shirt w/ the moose on it
and he came by n was like "the moose..it's EVIL.." lol
then i walked an talked w/ him for about 10 minutes and got his locker number and combo so we could decorate his locker tomorro since it's his bday
then i went to HR
had the same flippin sub.. YESSSS
then reading.. i worked on my science project n talked to garret and tyler
umm in pre algebra we had to do some work out of the book
haha science w/ moore was HILLARIOUS..gosh me n crystal were spastic
we answered questions.. and got good work pts if we got them right
crystal was basically the only one not gettin pts n she was gettin mad
so she was spastically trying to answer questions..haha n told moore randomly that saturn was still forming..ahahaha good times lol
we got to skip half of chorus bc we had to go to some assembly.. it was retarded
went to chorus
sang in japanese lol crystal
then went to s/s
lunch was okay.. sat w/ chelsea n garret brandy n sharee
all we did in language was go to the book fair..
then got on the bus n went home
now im here
tlk 2 yall later.. MwAh
XoOx. Christina-LeAnn

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my weekend [21 Mar 2005|09:07pm]
wow .. had an interesting weekend
ill start out with saint patricks day
got to school.. got the green 'get lucky' shirt from crystal since i had no green shirt lol
then changed..
talked to shaun.. saw his 'ghettoley hott' saint patricks day boxers w/ clovers haha
then went to HR
talked to chelsea ..
then went to reading.. and read for a long time
then pre algebra.. had 2 finish that test
then science ..we had a sub..scorrrre..haha we took the notebook test it was easy
ummm then went to chorus.. learned the 'how do you measure a year' song
in social studies .. took the benchmark..it was kinda hard
then went to language w/ pellegrino. borrrring.
omg and after that i rode the bus home w/ chelsea .. dude. her bus is GHETTO man.
when we got to her house we talked on aim some
then went to michaels to get more duct tape for her and ribbon
then went to walmart ..gosh i havent been there in AGES.
um then we got bak home n talked to rhiannon n other ppl
chelsea dressed me up as a punk..yall can pay a dollar to see them once we get them developed bc theyre PRICELESS.. lol
talked to kelvan..chelsea told him sum stuff.. got him depressed but hes ok
then went to bed

woke up around 9
ate cereal..
talked on aim while chelsea took a shower
then i took a shower
and omg when i tried to do my hair.. her dad put mouthwash in my hair.. dont ask lol i freaked out
um then we went outside.. n then chelsea taught me how to 'partially' skateboard haha
saw libby since she lives next door to chelsea..
she came over n tried to skateboard too.. it was quite amusing lol
then i taught chelsea how to tumble..she can now succesfully do a front handspring..haha
then we ate dinner
after that we talked to shaun on aim. omg that was THE funniest convo EVER.. o man.. "here fishy fishy fishy" lmao yall are great
then got ready to go skating.. straightened chelsea's hair. it was pretty

got there around 7
met up with kelvan
put on our skates
he stole my cell phone and the proceeded to put it down his pants and said "frisk me" i was like "um no im good" lol then he skated off but i got it back
then went n skated
met some hot guy named justin who claims he knows me from somewhere..lol i got his number but jennifer got mad at me for it bc she likes him but whatever
then met dustyn he's cool
skated w/ brandy alot
skated w/ ross too
then by like 10:30 it was time to go
dropped chelsea off at home
then i went home n talked on the phone w/ ross til like 2

nothin much happened saturday
went somewhere.. got home bout 4
then talked to ross ..again on the phone
decided we were gonna go to the movies
got ready
got there bout 7:30
then went to kohls cuz the movie didnt start til 8
and then at 8 we walked back over the the movie theater cuz the movie was about to start
annnnnnd im just gunna stop there lol
left about 10:30
got home
talked on the phone till bout 11:30
then got off
talked on aim til like 12
then stayed up n watched tv til like 2
went to bed

woke up about 11
cleaned my room
talked on the phone
admitted to ross how i really felt about him n that i didnt like him
now he thinks im basically a player and im leading him on
but whatever
then became friends w/ jen
got ready to go to the mall
then went to stonecrest
got me some jeans from american eagle theyre cute
then got my 8th grade dance dress.. it's really pretty
then went home
went to sleep around 10:30

woke up at 6:30, took a shower
got dressed
did my make up n straightened my hair
then got on the bus
chatted w/ clint and midget kyle
got to school n went to HR
we had the coolest sub EVER for reading and math since harrell wasnt there ;)
all we did in reading was talk
then went to math
had the same sub.. gahh she's awesome
then science w/ moore
all i gotta say is that woman cracks me up
then went to connections
chorus first.. got some cookie dough fundraiser thing .. sold 3 tubs already
then we had to go to P.E .. just sat there the whole time talkin 2 ppl
then lunch.. sat w/ brandy danielle sharee .. chelsea had SL so yeah
then went to social studies
had a notebook test.. bet i failed lol
then went to language
went over benchmark n crap
then got on the bus bc it was time for dismissal
got home talked on aim and on the phone w/ crystal
then went to get my nails done
got chick fil A 4 dinner
then went home
now im about to call crystal
so tlk 2 yall later <3 always
XoOx. Christina-LeAnn

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oh man ..lol [13 Mar 2005|09:36am]
omg yawl i havent updated this thing in like forever. my computer i think has another flippin virus.. cuz it's so dang slow. therefore i havent felt like wastin my time waitin on my computer to load jus so i can update lol. well to sum it all up .. we went to the movies friday AND saturday night. friday jen had her first kiss w/ kyle ..aww lol. then brandy n daa-imm started ANOTHER fight which led to her crying in the middle of the lobby..ppl thought we were crazy but that's okay lol. then they made up so i think theyre cool now but they aint goin out no more. then saturday it was just me n jen ..we went up there n i swear like 15-20 guys tried to talk to us!! n they were all hott!! and on top of that i saw blaine..jen was like danng christina he's hott! but yeah then we came back home about 11 n went to sleep. thas it for now so luv yawl *MwAh*

XoOx. Christina-LeAnn

oh by the way .. jen got a live journal ..its pretty cool. i think she wants crystal to pimp it out for her lol crystal ...check it out.. her username thing is x0blondebabe0x ..=)

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dude ..life is really sucky right now .. [28 Feb 2005|10:35pm]
[ mood | bored ]

i dk but my life isnt the best right now .. nothin is seeming to go my way. first, shaun had to go n get mad at me .. for a COMPLETELY good reason ..and im sorry for everything i said about him ..if i could take it back .. i really would. It's SO hard for me to just pass by him n the hallway n not bein able to say n-e thing to him or talk to him .. i miss it.. alot. on top of that .. ross and chelsea broke up .. like a day after they break up ross is already tryin to get hooked up w/ me! i dont need that stress right now .. chelsea was cryin today like especially in s/s ... could u imagine what would happen if i went out w/ the guy she was still in effing LOVE with?!? i dont wanna get into that but its almost as if he's forcing me to go out w/ him even though i dont want to. and today i was dizzy like the whole freakin day. i could hardly walk in a straight line.. and i had a headache. wen i was at lunch .. i saw shaun pass by cuz he was goin 2 the clinic ..he looked at me all dissappointed and just kept walkin .. he made me feel like shit for what i did :( .. gosh i would do ANYTHING to get him back ..i miss talkin to him already ..it's quite pathetic. lol. but tomarrow is tha chorus concert .. joy.. ill get to see him at the concert tomorro nite since he's in chorus. that's gunna b dreadful. n-e wayz .. heres a quote that chelsea wrote down in my agenda today in s/s .. it kinda reminds me of her and ross and me and shaun .. u do the math.

dont leave the one you love
for the one you like
cuz the one you like
will leave you for the one they love

peace out <33 yawl

XoOx. Christina-LeAnn

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Behind These Hazel Eyes [27 Feb 2005|12:48pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

even though i dont have hazel eyes .. i can still relate to the song lol.

Behind These Hazel Eyes- Kelly Clarkson

Seems like just yesterday
You were a part of me
I used to stand so tall
I used to be so strong
Your arms around me tight
Everything, it felt so right
Unbreakable, like nothin' could go wrong
Now I can't breathe
No, I can't sleep
I'm barely hanging on

Here I am, once again
I'm torn into pieces
Can't deny it, can't pretend
Just thought you were the one
Broken up, deep inside
But you won't get to see the tears I cry
Behind these hazel eyes

I told you everything
Opened up and let you in
You made me feel alright
For once in my life
Now all that's left of me
Is what I pretend to be
So together, but so broken up inside
'Cause I can't breathe
No, I can't sleep
I'm barely hangin' on

Here I am, once again
I'm torn into pieces
Can't deny it, can't pretend
Just thought you were the one
Broken up, deep inside
But you won't get to see the tears I cry
Behind these hazel eyes

Swallow me then spit me out
For hating you, I blame myself
Seeing you it kills me now
No, I don't cry on the outside

Here I am, once again
I'm torn into pieces
Can't deny it, can't pretend
Just thought you were the one
Broken up, deep inside
But you won't get to see the tears I cry
Behind these hazel eyes

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omg yawl [27 Feb 2005|11:53am]
[ mood | awake ]

omg.. this weekend has been so much fun! gahh i've had alot of good time w/ crystal.. haha she's so awesome lol. well ill start w/ friday. friday night she got here..we ate chinese .. watched sleepover. idk y but 4 SOME odd reason i think that movie is just the most pimpin thing to ever b created on this earth.. lol. haha crystal *stacy ..wanna c a picture of me in my .. COMA* lol that was great. then ross called .. several times.. never called me back when he told me he would .. oh well lol. then talked on aim 4 a lil while. then watched degrassi n RFR cuz those shows are pimp too lol. umm then talked on aim some more. then stayed up talkin til like 3 in the morning.. it was grrrreeat. then went to sleep. next mornin *saturday*, woke up around 12 or so .. and like 2 mins after i did.. sharee called me, w/ brandy n daa-imm on the phone.. they were yellin bout somethin .. i just couldnt understand their rage though bc i was still halfway asleep lol. um then i cooked lunch . we watched love dont cost a thing .. gosh i love that movie.. it's flippin hillarious. lol. then called sharee, who called shaun. n to make a long story short .. i now hate shaun .. he hates me .. yeah so he didnt go to the movies saturday night. lol. umm but round' 6:30 we went to kohls first ..looked around n found crystal's shirt that she wanted for the chorus concert ..9 bucks, HECK YES! haha... then bout 7:15 or so we went to the nail place.. uhh they made me put my hands in little baggies inside this heater thing .. dude it was weird .. no one else has ever made me do that lol. n-e wayz that took like an hour.. so crystal walked over to the movie theater to get sharee since we were supposed to b over there at the time but we were late n she couldnt find her..BUT SHE SAW BETHANY!! gahh that girl hates me lol. so crystal came back n they still werent done, and it was like 8:45, so i told her to go ahead n walk down to maurices n get the purse she wanted b4 they close at nine.. so she did n came back like really fast ..i was like "danng that was quick" haha. then they FINALLY got done so we were hungry.. so we figured we would walk down to subway. as we are walking .. we look in the window 4 subway n see this dude w/ his head down.. skater hat .. skater hair .. he was hott.. he lifts up his head as me and crystal are about to walk in subway ..AND IT'S SHAUN! omg that was THE highlight of the night.. whole week for that matter. me and crystal came to a complete dead freakin stop.. both of our jaws dropped.. lol so did his.. and i just looked at him .. shook my head.. n kept walkin. but he was w/ his sister n her b/f. but w/e we kept walkin by there to c if they were gone .. they didnt leave for like EVER, but finally when i was talkin 2 brandy on my cell .. we walked n there to get somethin to drink..not once did shaun turn around 2 look at me.. but apparantley his friend was keepin him updated on what i was doin cuz he kept lookin at me then whisperin to shaun.. so w/e. they finally left ..but it was like 9:45 when they did.. n my mom was supposed to pick us up at like 10 so we were like "screw it well get something on the way home". so we then walked back over 2 the movie theater .. saw laila pierce .. saw zane *so hott* n then my mom came.. didnt explain to her why we didnt eat .. lol told her i would eventually tell her. got mcdonalds.. ate at home n talked to ross. gah that was bad huh crystal..then we watched tv, n i talked 2 jen on the phone at like 1 in the morning to tell her about our night.. she was like "man i wish i wouldve been w/ yawl! i wouldve gone in there.. screamed shaun .. n pulled up a chair next to him.." lmao gotta love her. im so glad were friends again. i seriously missed talkin to her.. she was like my sister. im just happy she forgave me =). yeah well i gtg <3 yawl *MwAh*

XoOx. Christina-LeAnn <33

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soo bored! [25 Feb 2005|05:25pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

omg.. this week has been totally useless! gosh im so bored .. its not even funny. but im happy since it's the weekend..crystal is cumin over 2nite .. we're just gunna hang out n watch movies.. talk on the phone.. all that good stuff <33.  2 marrow i think me n crystal might go to the movie theater or the mall .. sumthing like that. yesterday, my mom payed me 30 dollars 2 clean the house really good .. and i did so she gave me the money  =). most likely i'll be using that money shopping or at the movies..oh and if me n crystal  DO go to the movies.. were gunna meet shaun, sharee (i think) , maybe ross and chelsea .. n some other ppl. gahh.. i havent been n-e where w/ shaun n so long. he's gunna wanna do somethin if i go 2 the movies w/ him .. that's okay.. it's been like a month since me n him have done n-e thing or even hung out together!  lol me n crystal had a good conversation bout druggies 2 day ..haha it was awesome! blane havin a blunt n his hand then huggin the nurse ..ha! gotta  *<3*  it lol. i can't WAIT 2 go bac 2 skool.. i also cant wait til everyone sees my hair. it's really cute .. i *<3* it. well gtg .. tlk 2 yawl l8er .. *MwAhZ*

XoOx. Christina-LeAnn

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chelsea's house [24 Feb 2005|12:20pm]
howdy ..
well uhh tuesday .. i woke up, n took a shower n everything.. tlk3d 2 kyle on aim .. umm n then chelsea asked me to go over to her house that night to hang out .. so i said yeah .. n she told me ross was gonna come n i was cool w/ that. so my step dad drove me over there yesterday at about 5:30 or so, and i got there, met her mom.. then we hung out and just talked to ppl on aim.. i was talkin 2 shaun, n he was tryin to get me n chelsea to ditch ross n go to sherwood forest .. i told him FOR SURE that chelsea couldnt come bc she wouldnt do that to ross .. n he's like "well u can come .." and i was like "uhh no sorry" he asked me like 4 times .. it was crazy .. he was tryin to get us to ditch ross bc ross ditched shaun to hang out w/ his g/f (chelsea) which is just bein a good boyfriend .. n shaun didnt like that too much but oh well he got over it. so ross got there.. o god.. it was BAD.. crystal i am SO sorry for everything you had to sit through in the movie theater n watch .. i swear ill never do it again .. lol. only what they were doin was like 50 billion times worse than what i did at the movies ..eww.. cant get the friggin images outta my head.. gosh. n-e wayz, while they were umm "busy" i was still talkin to shaun on aim .. n he was like "soo what r chelsea n her girlfriend.. i mean boyfriend doin?" n i was like "u dont wanna know ..oh god shaun make it stop" n then he was like "haha i feel sorry for u but if u went to sherwood forest u wouldnt b watchin that right now .." n then he was all like "how could she do anything w/ ross.. i mean i'd open my eyes n b like *AHH*" lol crystal he's hillarious.. then i told him i had to go .. then i talked to kyle on my cell phone n listened to his mixes that he made w/ his new turn table.. it was AWESOME! gosh he is so good lol. umm then ross went home .. and chelsea stayed up til like 2 in the mornin talkin to him on the phone.. i fell asleep a couple of times though. then we finally went to sleep. we had to wake up the next mornin at like 8 bc chelsea had 2 babysit n i was gonna help her.. gosh it was TOO early .. i didnt get NEARLY enough sleep.. lol i was SO tired. umm so we went over there .. n omg i HATE those kids .. they are such brats.. so then we left at about 2:30, then went back to chelsea's.. then just hung out n listened to music til my dad came at about 5.. then i went home.. talked on aim ..talked to crystal on the phone.. took a shower .. talked on aim again.. talked to ross on the phone.. then got crystal to 3 way ross.. watched AI while talkin on the phone.. ross hung up .. several times lol , then he called back.. 3 wayed him again.. then i hung up..n talked to ross again at like 10:30 then went to sleep around 11. <3 yawl .. leave sum comments .. *MwAhZ*
XoOx. Christina-LeAnn <33

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OH MAN CRYSTAL ... IT'S ON!! [23 Feb 2005|07:46pm]

OH SNAP YAWL!!      okay.. just 4 the record ..I DO  NOT  LOVE CROSS DRESSERS!!  do not believe ANYTHING crystal sayz cuz it aint true .. lol but this is true ...


oh man that is  SOOOO  true and you know it!! dont even deny it lol..

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mmkay [22 Feb 2005|10:04am]

well let's see .. monday. omg i got my cell phone back. it's a long story but i have time 2 tell it lol. okay so .. as most of you know .. i lost my cell phone. it was missing since the dance. my mom has been yellin at me ever since then bc i lost it. she was so mad that she grounded me til i found it. i was pretty mad myself lol. well n-e wayz.. i thought it might be around the house. so last sat. i cleaned up my WHOLE room to try n find this cell phone.. did i find it? no. so i came to the conclusion that it WASNT in my house. n i was freakin out n crap cuz i couldnt find my 200 dollar cell phone that i got for christmas. ok so on valentines day (b4 my mom found out it was gone) my mom bought me 2 phone cards so i would have mins.. i thought the phone was in my bookbag at school so i didnt worry about it. well she told me 2 bring my bookbag home the next day , so i did. Thinkin that my cell phone was in the bookbag, i went to get it.. it wasnt there.. my mom was SO mad omg it was horrible.. she was yellin n crap .. gahh. so she grounded me. ever since then i've been lookin for this phone CONSTANTLY! i havent been able to go anywhere. talk to n-e one. ANYTHING.. so yawl can probably tell why i was tryin so hard to find this phone.. well n-e wayz i took one of the cards yesterday (monday) and used my house phone to put mins. on the missing cell phone, so maybe when i called it, someone would answer it.. so i put the mins on it.. and i seriously thought that i had lost it n that i was probably in my house somewhere. so i was callin the phone, n walkin around my house tryin to listen for it to ring. i swear i called like 20 billion times, but i would never hear it ring.. so i was like alright w/e it's probably @ school.

so im doin the dishes, and my house phone rings.. i answered it, they hung up. i looked on the caller ID n it said somebody was callin from MY CELL PHONE!! so i was freakin out.. n a couple of secs. l8er, they called again. i answered it.. n it sounded like a chinese woman.. she said 'does somebody keep calling this # ?' n i was like 'yeah.. is this a cell phone?' n she waited a sec .. n she was like 'uhh noo' so i said 'okay sorry' n hung up. i called my mom at work n said 'what's my cell #?" n she was like 'umm idk y?" n i told her the whole story.. so i was doubting that i knew my own cell phone number .. that's pitiful. lol n-e wayz so i asked my step dad n he didnt know either.. so i was thinkin to myself 'who know's my cell number .. aha jen!' so i got on aim n asked her .. n sure enough she knew it .. and it was the one i thought it was (404 200 1419) so i knew i wasnt crazy.. so i got my step dad to call them back n he had it on speaker phone .. n when they answered it .. they said 'hello?' plain as freakin day so i knew that it wasnt a chinese lady. they sounded young .. white.. lol n it was a girl. so they just sat there on the phone n wouldnt talk after they said hello .. n my dad was all like 'well please give the phone back .. we would appreciate it.. n blah blah blah..' n then he hung up (he really didnt say blah blah blah) lol so they called back .. it was the chicks momma sayin that her daughter's (the 1 who had been answerin the phone) boyfriend gave her the phone as a gift..n my step dad was all like 'well we got proof it's our's bc we still got the reciept n the box model n everything .. you can even call the number and it comes up as christina's voicemail!' so she was all like 'well we need to call the boyfriends parents first n make sure' so my step dad's all like 'what proof do u need?? call the freakin number it's my daughter's voicemail!' n then he tried to negotiate w/ her to get the phone back by sayin 'can i just come and get it?' n the lady kept sayin no .. n im like omg wtf ya know.. gahh she was gettin on my nerves .. well turns out my purse that was missing was also given to her as another gift from her bf ... my friggin $16.50 purse from aeropostale.. yeah i was just a little mad lol. n-e wayz the lady wouldnt cooperate, so we called the cops.

 the ppl who had it by the way were the robinson's u know .. TC, Emily .. all of them.. emily was the one who had it though. ok so after we called the cops. they came to my house to ask what was goin on. n we explained that we asked nicely if we could come and get the phone but she didnt want to cooperate n act normal .. no she had to be a bitch about it so we called the cops. n i had to fill out this form explainin what was goin on n crap .. i liked that cop .. he was pimp. but okay so b4 the cop left, he was all like 'if you dont have that cell phone back by tomorro, someone's gonna b in deep crap .. like goin to jail for theft' n i was like  "HECK YES OFFICER!" ah it was great lol. so my mom called emily's mom back n was like 'okay well since u didnt wanna cooperate.. we got the cops in on it.. now .. we can either get the cell phone back tonight, or next monday (when all the kids go back to school) your daughter can show up at the principals office w/ me and christina and the police to get it back .. take your pick' so the woman finally let us come and get it.. but we had to drive all the way out to freakin lawrenceville to get it cuz she was at work .. n omg get this .. emily's mom is a freakin 911 operater person!! what kind of shit is that?? but oh well i dont care n-e more .. we got the phone bak n that's all that matters.. oh yeah i got the purse to but all the stuff was missing.. i dont care .. just happy i got the phone.. lol well that was it 4 monday. . ill tlk 2 yawl l8er.. leave me sum good comments .. <3 <3


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lets see [22 Feb 2005|09:38am]
umm sunday i didnt do much .. it was brandy's bday but i didnt get to call her bc i was 'grounded' so yeah i basically just sat around the house all day .. watchin tv n stuff .. it was boring.

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umm [20 Feb 2005|08:41pm]
well lets see i left off at monday .. monday night i got home.. talked to crystal on the phone, and we got in the conversation of memorial ppl.. n she's like 'ooh i have a friend that goest 2 memorial.. let's call her' so im like 'okay'.. so we call n her name is samantha n she is very nice by the way.. we got into the conversation of shaun n ross .. n sam was all like 'omg yawl know them?? my friend katelyn went out w/ shaun' n crystal was like 'heck yes we know em'.. christina hooked up w/ shaun!' n i was like 'katelyn who?' n then she's all like 'katelyn malone' , n i knew that name sounded SO familiar.. that's when it hit me.. i used to take dance class w/ that chick.. n her friend lauren roberts too! we all used to be like such good friends til middle school ..but n-e ways so sam called her friend dannah who also knows katelyn n they both came to the conclusion that shaun was cheatin on katelyn w/ me.. since apparantley they were goin out wen me n shaun went to the movies on new years.. so dannah called katelyn.. n at this point i was freakin out.. but me n crystal told them that they couldnt tell her..n that if they did they would have to use a fake name.. so they called her n were like 'shaun was cheatin on u w/ some chick named michelle' so she freaks out n calls shaun like basically cussin him out.. n she is all like 'who the hell is michelle?' n it was pretttyy funny bc shaun doesnt even know a michelle lol.. so they finally told katelyn the truth.. that i was really the michelle.. n so she called shaun. n asked him about it.. n he knew i was on the phone.. so he denied it to save his own but n make it look like i was the 1 lyin.. but n-e wayz katelyn figured out that they werent really goin out on new years n that shaun was single at that time.. so technically he wasnt cheatin on her.. so when she called to appologize.. the first thing he said was 'is christina on the phone?' n she said no but i really was.. n i guess he could hear me or somethin cuz he knew i was on the phone.. n he was like 'i dont care.. n christina's hoodies are goin in the fireplace' so i was all freaked out then he hung up n i talked to sharee.. she called shaun n worked everything out between us .. were cool again! n that was monday night lol..

i cant really remember what happened tuesday or wednesday ... so thursday.. umm i woke up went to school.. got to school n went to my locker ..then i FINALLY got my hoodies back from shaun .. umm i took a test in math ..it was so easy .. then went to sci. w/ moore.. got a lecture .. it was intended to be on gum and candy bein left in her classroom but somehow she managed to drag the freakin thing out for like 45 mins, and in that time she went from us leavin gum n candy in the room , to her having patriotism *which is pride in someone's country* to us endin up workin at mcdonalds.. to juveniles in jail.. and back to gum and candy.. lol gotta love it. then went to chorus.. nuthin special.. marched around the hallway like retards learnin some routine we have to know for the concert.. then we went outside.. umm then went to lunch.. umm the s/s.. nothin happened but hitler get's on my nerves lol.. then la.. not sure what happened.. n that's it for thursday.. and nothin happened friday.. so saturday i guess.. i got my highlights done.. my hair is so kute.. n that's all for now so tlk 2 yawl l8er .. <3 alwayz -xoxo-

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gahh im so bored [20 Feb 2005|08:27pm]
howdy fools..
omg i've been SOOO bored! im supposedly 'grounded' b/c my 200$ cell phone that i got for christmas has magically dissappeared. well.. i wouldnt say dissappeared .. i've just misplaced it for a short period of time .. lol but im not worried .. i know i'll find it. but im off grounding now so it's all good. n-e wayz .. it's been a while since i updated last. well i went to the movies w/ libby, crystal, n jen.. that was fun.. shaun didnt come , or ross bc i didnt invite ross but w/e it's cool. oh it was quite funny, we were callin these like 6th graders on the pay phone from libby's cell .. it's was GREAT! we didnt actually see a movie bc it was sold out. lets see.. then my mom gave libby a ride home .. n jen and crystal came bac to my place to stay the night.. umm we made an awful food mix of like popcorn, twizzlers, reeses pieces, sour punches, n eww it was gross.. lol but jen was pretty happy with that masterpiece, so w/e.. umm we stayed up til like 3 .. then i went to sleep i dk bout them bc yeah i was the first one to go to sleep.. next mornin (saturday) woke up at bout 11 .. then crystal woke up .. we ate cerial.. then jen woke up.. my parents left to go somewhere.. umm then we ordered chinese for lunch at about 2 ..umm then about 6 me n jen got in this MAJOR fight .. can't say bout what.. but she ended up callin her mom n goin home cryin so yeah it was pretty bad.. my mom was kinda mad at me.. n yeah but n-e wayz uhh then when my parents got back.. we took crystal home .. then i got home n talked to ross, then went to bed.
Monday- ok woke up.. went to school .. jen got on the bus.. with all my clothes that she had borrowed balled up in a bag.. and gave them back to me. that hoodie , the green cookie monster one.. was in there! that freakin 20 dollar hoodie that i bought her for christmas.. she had the nerve to give it back! but oh well i'll wear it lol.. umm so i got to school.. as i was walkin to my locker, i saw shaun brandon n brett all sittin n the mini commons. i walked over there n i looked like an idiot bc i was carryin this big bag of clothes .. when i went over there.. i sat the bag on the table, and they started goin through it yellin 'where's the thongs??" oh jesus lol then they all went to homeroom after i explained y i had all the clothes.. umm then i went to reading. nuthin happened.. then i went to math.. dont remember what happened.. uhh i actually cant remember what happened monday except 4 the fact that arron gave me for valentines day! aww i love him he's so sweet lol. but that was it for monday.. gtg ttyl

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uhh [12 Feb 2005|08:55am]
hey yawl..
sorry it's been so long sice i updated last .. i think my computer has a virus thingy lol im not sure but like when i click the internet button , it comes up n starts to load like 20 freakin mins later so yeah we gotta fix that .. haha. n-e wayz uhh well my life has certainly been INTERESTING for like the past 2 weeks lol .. let's see i got in a fight w/ jen ( not a fist fight btw lol) uhh i almost went out with ross .. n that's about it .. i'll start w/ jen. She decided that since every 1 thinks im a slut.. that it was my fault she was gettin called a slut too .. dude w/e she's the one who goes to school wearin a shirt that is too small for her to begin w/ .. and then she's gonna tie it in a rubber band in the back so skin is showing? dont even get me started on that lol.. but then she decided to burn all my clothes that she had .. my FAVORITE aeropostale hoodie that is white w/ monkey's on it and is like SOO cute .. yeah she burnt it .. that n like 5 other shirts i had let her borrow .. well like that night she got mad at me she wanted to b friends again n i told her i dk b/c if she thinks im SUCH a slut then she dont deserve 2 b friends w/ me .. but then like 2 dayz l8er we became friends .. n then uhh ross? well i almost went out w/ ross but i didnt for a certain reason i will keep to myself ...just a whole bunch of drama .. it's retarded lol.. but that's about it that's happened for a while .. but i gtg yawl leave sum comments xoxo

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2 day was good .. [02 Feb 2005|05:58pm]
welllll lets see .. 2 day was good .. ill start with the bus ..

bus- i got on the bus about 7:28 n then midget kyle was on so i talked to him n sara n brooke.. uhh then clint got on the bus .. n like somehow we got on the conversation of how i used to go to a christian school .. yeah i know pretty unbelievable.. lol n-e wayz n he was makin fun of me by sayin "oooh holy one .." like ALL day! but yeah then we got to school..

b4 homeroom, it was raining .. so like mr. frederick's 7th grade homeroom was in the mini commons cuz they didnt wanna go in the rain. like after i went to my locker, i walked in the mini commons n shaun was like "LOOK! IT'S CHRISTINA!" n then every 1 was lookin at me n i was like "oh joy it's shaun" lol .. well then clint was walkin behind me then he went over 2 talk to shaun n he was all like "yo shaun.. christina went to a christian school!" n shaun was like "nuh uh .." n he looked at me n i was like "uhh yeah" n then he's all like oh so that explains y ure such a goody good! so yeah

reading- well on the way to reading, i had to walk in to the mini commons comin from the trailer, n i was walkin with kyle.. so i walk in the mini commons, n i see shaun.. he runs over n blocks me so i can't walk.. so kyle keeps walkin, n shaun is still blockin me. so im like "shaun? please lemme go 2 class" n i had my puppy dog eyes.. lol n he was just sittin there lookin at my face, n i was like "what?" n he's like "nuuuthin" then i tried to walk around him but that didnt work out, cuz he just moved over so i couldnt walk past him, n then i tried to go the other way around him, that didnt work either.. so then.. he grabs me by my hips, pulls me in close to him, n then yells "CLINT!" so clint comes over, n gets behind me, n im thinkin "wtf?" n then i started yellin like someone was dyin! haha it was great, im like "OMG STOP IT!" n then corey (smith) passed by n when i was yellin he almost stopped n turned around to come back to me but he didnt cuz shaun let me go.. so yeah that was pretty interesting.. lol. then we went to the lab n worked on our abc book some more .. that was it

math- math was boring.. harrell gave us another freakin dumass speach lol the same one as every time..

science- moore yelled @ me n gave me silent lunch b/c i didnt have my book.. n then we were doin our demonstration, n she like slung me across the room.. brandy n crystal thought it was pretty funny they were crackin up lol

health- well crystal was takin pictures the whole time, n like i got a restroom pass to go see the 7th graders, n i saw shaun n clint n when i saw them , shaun like chased me down just to say "oh holy one.. jesus has sent u here .. I LOVE YOU GREAT ONE!" haha it was funny then i went back to sex ed n then coach werner was talkin bout how u should avoid goin places with the opposite sex, such as the movie theater.. n every 1 at my table started laughin at me n yeah it was great.

social studies- i fell asleep lol

language- went over workbook pages then went over the homework. we have a test tomorro

then i got home n im bout to call ross so peace out! luv yawl

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2 day was funn.. [01 Feb 2005|07:32pm]
haha today was awesome! so lets see ill start with the bus

bus ride- so i get on the bus, n midget kyle is on.. grr lol he gets on my nerves now. but clint didnt get on the bus today so he didnt go to school. i just talked to sara the whole time. me n her are really good friends now.

b4 homeroom i saw shaun n he was walkin with brandon n like starin at me but i didnt say n-e thing to him cuz i dk i didnt feel like sayin hey to him haha im so mean but yeah.. then i went to my locker. saw kate.. walked out to the trailer 4 homeroom with her n maxie.

homeroom- i walked around the room n talked to kate, chelsea, n rena.. i talked to corey for a second but not long. oh yeah i talked to sharee too.. lol my homeroom is so boring. but omg on the way out of homeroom i was walkin into the school from the trailer, n kelvan n kyle tucker was behind me, n someone kept sayin my name.. it was kelvan but i didnt figure that out til like 5 mins later. haha it was funny, he was pushin me in 2 random 7th graders, that was great. n we passed by shaun's readin class in the mini commons n like he yelled out my name n waved to me but i just turned my head n started talkin to kelvan cuz im mean like that lol..

reading- we actually had to READ today gosh i hate mrs basset.. she looks like a woman version of hitler.. lol. n-e wayz i didnt wanna go 2 the library by myself so i asked hannah to come with me. well we both went up to her n asked her to sine our passes at the same time but she didnt let us BOTH go so she sent us one at a time.. what a loser haha. but yeah then i saw kendall shaun n brandon n sergey wen i went to the library but i didnt say n-e thing to them cuz i didnt want them to get in 2 trouble.

math- went to math, n checked those problems from the overhead.. then he gave us a page outta the book 2 do for homework.. it's easy i finished it n class.

science- made a big notes page thingy w/ my group.. gosh theyre all so stupid.. i swear. i had to tell them ALL what to do the whole time cuz they wouldnt freakin shut up for one second to listen to what moore had to say so i had to repeat what she said n explain everything to them AGAIN cuz theyre freakin retards lol ok im done with my rage on that.. haha

chorus- well mrs asher has a new discipline rule.. instead of her yellin at us to be quiet constantly, she just points at the person who is talkin n points to the door *that means get out* n she leaves u out there for 5 mins n then tells u to come back in.. if u talk again then it's a write up lol like im not gonna tlk in her class! haha but yea crystal got checked out for her hair ..*LUCKY!*.. lol

social studies- lets see i talked to garret the whole time cuz brandy was sleepin lol

language- we had a sub.. she was pretty nice.. although it was the one who we had n horticulture one time that told kyle not to talk to her.. ahh good times lol. that was hillarious.

then i rode the bus n sara was talkin about how kaitlyn petry was talkin crap about her even though they are friends n she was gonna call her up n cuss her out but i dk what happened with that lol. then i got home, n talked to crystal on the phone then tried to call jen but she was at the doctor.. :( i hope she feels better!! n then uhh now im here. my day was interesting.. i guess.. it was pretty fun :) well gtg leave me some comments luv yawl

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2 day was alrite [01 Feb 2005|06:42pm]
ok well heres what happened yesterday
got on the bus ... talked to clint, midget kyle wasnt on the bus so yea things were pretty good lol well i got to school n then went to homeroom.

homeroom- nuthin happened at all, i was late in there n-e ways lol

reading w/ bassett- well we worked on our abc book n i kept hittin garret cuz it's funny as crap
math- worked on problems off the overhead

science- got paired up with ppl to work on this sq3r thing.. got stuck w/ roach.. surprisingly he's pretty smart, he knew the answer's to all the questions n he let me copy his paper ;) haha

chorus- we had it in the auditorium.. not sure what all that was about .. but it was fun. the whole time me crystal n hannah were makin fun of our songs we have to sing. "fiery furnith" haha that was great!

health/sex ed *lol*- uhh well lets just say i have to find my book lol crystal n kate

lunch- omg drama of the day! jeez so i walk in the lunch room, to see kyle sittin at one of our tables. he calls me over, n sayz to sit with him cuz he's on silent lunch, so im like okay. little did i know all the freakin drama was about to hit.. i saw libby n her friends keep lookin over at me n kyle like evilly n then she got mad at me.. im not gonna go into details but she is mad at me n they broke up so yeah.. im sorry but n-e wayz..

social studies- i was kinda depressed b/c libby was mad at me n we have NEVER fought n the whole year that we've been friends.. so yeah. but we watched somethin on a laser disk, no one was payin attention.. every 1 was asleep lol.

language- uhh language.. well i did the sponge n then we did somethin outta the workbook outloud n then she gave us a w/s for homework.

then i got on the bus to go home n talked to clint bout my dramatic life at EMS lol he always gives me good advice on what to do n he tells me what shaun sayz about me everyday cuz they're really good friends so yeah that comes in handy lol. then i got home, talked to kyle on aim to find out that libby broke up with him first b4 he could break up with her... so he was kinda mad but depressed.. umm then i talked to jennifer.. she is REALLY sick like she can hardly talk n she wasnt at school today.. but yeah that's about it.. g2g luv yawl leave a sweet one

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